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Faith Tribe joins Decentraland’s Meta Fashion Week

Faith Tribe, a collective open-source fashion design platform, has joined Decentraland’s Meta Fashion Week. Decentraland is a virtual reality portal that is presenting a digital fashion week in which numerous high-end fashion labels, such as Dolce & Gabbana and Faith Tribe, will show off their latest collections in the metaverse.

The event will feature runway shows, after-parties, pop-up shows, and more from the 24th to 27th of March. Furthermore, Meta Fashion Week is free and available to the public, and it will be a game-changing event in both the crypto and fashion worlds.

Faith Tribe is a Meta Fashion Week event that will exhibit six ensembles inspired by Faith Connexion’s latest collection, which debuted at PFW and was digitally rebuilt in 3D by DressX. Faith Connexion is a Paris-based worldwide fashion company that consists of diverse designers and artists who focus on a fresh interpretation of fashion.

Faith Tribe will also organise an after-party featuring Blond:ish, a well-known DJ, to further promote its objective of creating a worldwide fashion creation ecosystem.

Information about Fresh Tribe

Faith Tribe is a worldwide creative ecosystem for the development, trade, distribution, and monetizing of user-generated fashion creations. The project aims to develop and integrate a collection of on-chain and off-chain technologies that will allow producers from all over the world to cooperate on fashion asset design. 

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