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Etherscan announces its own messenger services

The creators of the renowned blockchain explorer and analytics system Etherscan have created Blockscan Chat. Blockscan Chat is an interesting wallet-to-wallet instant messenger service which is based on Ethereum. Blockscan is now in the beta testing phase. It has features like immediate chatting, block spammy addresses, notifications and access chats from different devices. Etherescan revealed the new feature with a January 26 tweet that read “wonder what this is for…?” and included a screenshot of the platform’s messaging alerts.

The new feature is going to be a great way to build communication with other anonymous users. For example, it will let us negotiate an anonymous purchase. The feature may be especially useful when dealing with white-hat hackers. White-hat hackers had already exploited crypto platforms much frequently while leaving messages embedded in Ethereum transactions.

Last week’s Multichain attack, in which a reported whitehat hacker returned 322 Ether (but kept a high finder’s fee), and last year’s USD 610 million PolyNetwork hack both featured anon conversation through Ethereum transactions as part of talks between the culprit and victims.

Apart from arguing with hackers to recover funds in exchange for a bounty, this service may be useful in the NFT market which may reduce transaction fees as it involves a decentralized exchange.

Blockscan informed that their information is saved via “global hosting providers” and the information will not be traded to other parties, but will be given or transmitted to partners such as data warehouses, IT service providers, and data analytics firms.

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