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Elon Musk mocks Ethereum CEO Vitalik Buterin in his latest tweet

Tesla giant Elon Musk posted the following hilarious meme on  his twitter handle:

The centibillionaire’s three-panel meme shows the evolution of the internet. A photo of Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin appears in the Web1 section. The second panel focuses on Web 2.0, a term invented by Silicon Valley oracle Tim O’Reilly in the early 2000s. As a result, the meme features actor Jesse Eisenberg, who played Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg in David Fincher’s Oscar-winning film “Social Network.”

Finally, in a comical bear costume, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin is supposed to depict Web3, the next generation of internet technology powered by blockchain technology, at ETHDenver, an Ethereum-focused conference held in Denver, Colorado. 

Buterin’s latest wardrobe choices have provoked a lot of debate on social media. Some quipped that the approaching costume signalled the onset of a new bear market. In fact, Buterin recently stated that the sector would benefit from another crypto winter. The Ethereum co-founder also sported Shiba Inu-themed leggings, which enthralled the second-largest meme cryptocurrency’s audience. Although the message behind Musk’s recent tweet is unknown, many people have responded by sharing silly memes.

Although a flood of corporations has gone on the Web3 bandwagon, Musk has been a vocal opponent of one of the industry’s biggest buzzwords. He stated in late December that the situation was “more about marketing than reality.” In addition, the billionaire has criticised the technology in a series of tweets.

That’s all about this hilarious tweet.


Kunal Krishan
Kunal Krishan
Kunal is an investment space writer who firmly believes investment is something which should not be a choice but a part of everyone's life.


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