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dWeb Foundation developing flare-based sub-level domain naming system

The dWeb Foundation has announced a partnership with Flare Network as the next step in its drive to create a truly decentralised, permissionless internet based on blockchain infrastructure.

The internet has become an essential aspect of people’s lives, a vast network of digital data that connects individuals and organisations all over the world. TLDs like “.com” and “.org” power a substantial amount of the internet. The issue is that these domains — and the data stored on them – are primarily under the hands of big tech. Following several database attacks and frauds, the ensuing privacy risks, single points of failure, centralization, and lack of data sovereignty have lately come to light.

Handshake will host a sub-level domain (SLD) naming system by integrating Flare’s robust smart contract capabilities and infrastructure. Flare will be used to anchor the TLD (to establish domains like.flare) and then to issue the SLD (like search engine.flare) on the Flare blockchain. The State Connector, in particular, will link the Handshake TLD to the SLD domains on Flare.

As per the dWeb foundation, this version of the internet will be decentralised, more transparent, resilient, and secure, allowing users to own and control their data, by combining the power of Handshake’s TLDs with Flare’s intricate, ultra-low carbon functionality to host and maintain the SLDs in a decentralised, immutable manner on their blockchain. The domain name market is anticipated to be worth more than $1 billion by 2027. Handshake deconstructs the standard TLD namespace by introducing a permissionless method for adding customisable TLDs to it.

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Jeewan Singh
Jeewan Singh
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