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Is Microverse replacing metaverse ?

Do you know the difference between Metaverse and Microverse...? The Metaverse's future lies in niche "Microverse experiences." Whereas Metaverse aims to offer everything to everyone, Microverse builds a small universe based on existing societies, trends, and ideas.

Niche “Microverse experiences” will be the future of the Metaverse, according to the founder and CEO of virtual party platform Party.Space. Web3 designers should focus their efforts on “exploring the best method to communicate online” with online communities, rather than “creating a gigantic Metaverse and selling some land there,” Yurii Filipchuk argues.

Party.Space, a virtual party platform, has a goal to make video conversations more fun. They currently conduct conferences, team-building activities, and seminars for 65 corporate clients.

The Golden Kitty Awards ceremony took place on Party.Space this week. Doge Temple was a semi-finalist in the Product Demo video category but came up short of winning. ConsitutionDAO, with Phantom won the award, Thirdweb, and Rainbow coming in second and third, respectively.

Filipchuk who is founder of Microverse Doge Temple told Cointelegraph:

“……We want to build Microverse experiences and want people to be able to travel between them to pick the Microverse that fits their vibe best……. …. .”

Many individuals throughout the world were compelled to transfer elements of their lives online because of the COVID-19 epidemic and worldwide lockdowns.

In a Twitter post on November 2, Doge Temple described his Microverse views, dismissing the idea that it’s feasible to develop a mass society around an artificially built virtual space.

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