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DEA GameFi Platform signs partnership agreement with Angkor Tiger FC

Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. (DEA), a Singapore-based worldwide GameFi platform, has teamed up with the Japanese-affiliated Cambodian soccer club, Angkor Tiger FC.

Angkor Tiger FC will engage in DEA’s Play-to-Earn ecosystem as a “gaming guild” as part of the collaboration. The soccer club will use its sponsors’ investment cash to acquire NFTs of digital assets and in-game products on DEA’s gaming platform, “PlayMining.” Gaming guilds are groups within the DEA ecosystem that invest in NFTs of the platform’s Play-to-Earn games and earn money from them by playing them in a coordinated manner. Such guilds are fast growing in popularity, particularly in Southeast Asia, and are drawing attention as a new source of employment generation.

Naohito Yoshida, CEO of DEA, stated that the business models they are working on under “PlayMining,” such as GameFi and Play to Earn, are not only a marriage of gaming and finance, but they are seeking to address sustainable social concerns and assist people across the world to realise their objectives. We are dedicated to ensuring that DEA and Angkor Tiger FC’s activities contribute to the creation of jobs and the improvement of people’s livelihoods in Cambodia, he added.

The world economy was severely impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. Cambodia’s economy was one of the most affected. The country currently faces growing unemployment as a result of the country’s economic stagnation during the previous few years. The Cambodian soccer club hopes that by utilising DEA’s varied selection of play-to-earn games, it will be able to assist in establishing new income streams in Cambodia. Furthermore, the football club has requested that fans who receive rewards by engaging in play-to-earn games deposit their gains for club-related activities, which would speed up the stimulation of Angkor Tiger FC’s economic zone.

The owner of Angkor Tiger FC, Akihiro Kato, is confident that this collaboration would improve both the Cambodian economy and the club. Kato remarked that the goal is to be more than just a soccer club. 

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