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Chingari unveils its NFT collection “GARI Panda”, plans to dive in world of Metaverse

Chingari, the TikTok version of India’s market, is about to make its debut in the metaverse. The project has officially unveiled its NFT collection ‘GARI Panda,’ which is now available for pre-order on the SolRazr IDO launchpad. GARI Panda includes 9,999 distinct digital collectibles that will be basic in powering the next Chingari-verse.

This continuing presale event will conclude on March 31, paving the way for GARI Panda NFTs to be sold publicly. According to the distribution plan, half of the GARI Panda NFTs will be sold during the presale, with the remaining 5,000 allocated evenly for the SOLR and GARI communities.

With the metaverse gaining popularity in recent months, Chingari’s NFT collection debut marks an important step in the platform’s quest to become a completely decentralised ecosystem. This short-video sharing app has over 35 million monthly users, the majority of which are from India. In addition, they just raised $15 million in a round sponsored by Republic Capital.

Chingari will be able to provide exposure to its users thanks to GARI Panda NFTs, offering more options for them to earn money from their content. Unlike most NFT collections, the value of GARI Panda NFTs is speculative, and artists on Chingari will have access to a variety of advanced features and exclusive access.

Most significantly, Chingari is planning to launch an NFT staking feature, which would expand the money production potential for GARI Panda NFT owners. The Chingari-verse will reward its NFT stakers with the native $GARI token, which is already employed as an incentive asset for Chingari content creators and followers.

While the metaverse is a novel notion, Chingari’s interest in this emerging virtual realm is not by chance. Other major social media networks, such as Facebook, have hinted at entering the ecosystem.

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