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Popstar Daler Mehndi joins Metaverse community: Buys “Balle Balle Land”

Daler Mehndi became the first Indian artist to buy land in the metaverse.

Daler Mehndi, an Indian pop star, was the first Indian artist to perform at a Metaverse event on the occasion of Republic Day. He again proves that he is way ahead of his other contemporaries, as now he becomes the first from the Bollywood industry to enter the land-buying market on Metaverse.

His high-octane performance at the Republic Day Metaverse Concert was simply another example of his great personality. Mehndi’s performance, which was seen by 20 million people globally, swept the network of 3D worlds by storm. The pop singer was the first Indian musician to play at a Metaverse event, joining Travis Scott, Justin Bieber, Marshmallow, and Ariana Grande in the lineup.

However, Punjabi artist Daler Mehndi has recently purchased a chunk of the Metaverse and renamed it “Balle Balle Land,” formally launching the territory on Holi.

According to sources, “Balle Balle Land” has a business that sells items in the form of NFTs. BBL also has a massive golden statue of the singer and would host performances by the star as well as other artists. The musician intends to use the facility as a platform to spread Punjabi and Sufi music all over the world.

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