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Crypto rug pull losses surpasses DeFi exploit in May: Beosin Report

According to a blockchain security company, Beosin, the value of bitcoin lost to “rug pull” or “exit scams” in May, where founders abruptly up and depart with investors’ money, had surpassed the amount lost from decentralised finance (DeFi) companies.

According to a Beosin report dated June 1, the overall losses resulting from scams and rug pulls in May were more than $45 million over six occurrences.

Decentralised finance (DeFi) protocols were the target of 10 attacks, but they only brought in $19.7 million. The amount represents a drop of over 80% from April, and losses from these kinds of attacks had been declining for two months.

The biggest of these heists allegedly included $32 million, which cryptocurrency startup Fintoch is accused of stealing on May 24. 

As per Beosin, the biggest attack in the past month accounts for $7.5 million from the Jimbos protocol of the DeFi platform.

Beosin stated that, “Hackers and fraudsters are progressively turning their attention from different project partners to regular users.”

Crypto rug pull losses surpasses DeFi exploit
Crypto rug pull losses surpasses DeFi exploit

It advised cryptocurrency customers “to improve their anti-fraud understanding,” conduct research on a project before investing and learn better crypto security measures.

Additionally, Beosin cautioned against utilising shared or public charging stations for mobile devices since they might be altered to introduce malware that steals private keys.

A similar caution about avoiding the use of free electrical charging stations, like those found at airports, was published by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in April.

On April 6, the FBI’s Denver office tweeted: “Bad actors have discovered ways to infect gadgets with malware and tracking software using public USB ports. Instead, it suggested bringing a USB cord and charger to plug into a wall socket.”

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