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Crypto product (AUM) cost reaches to whooping $45 billion last month: Report

The complete asset under management (AUM) of cryptocurrency venture items rose in February to reach $44.9 billion as the costs of Bitcoin and Ethereum rose by 1.5% and 5.7% respectively last month. According to CryptoCompare’s recent Digital Asset Management Review report, macro sentiment has been leading the narrative in the markets, with investors expecting up to nine rate hikes from the US Federal Reserve this year.

As a result of this mindset, digital asset investment products saw inflows of $76.4 million in February, up from $61.5 million in January, according to the research. Over these inflows, total assets under management increased for the first time in four months, reaching $44.9 bill.However, The figure is down to 39.8% from an unequalled high found in October, in any case.

The rise was constant across all product categories, according to CryptoCompare’s research, with exchange-traded certificates increasing 17 percent monthly to $3.6 billion. The assets under management of exchange-traded notes, exchange-traded funds, and trust products increased by 6.7 percent to $3.1 billion, 3.3 percent to $3 billion, and 0.7 percent to $35.3 billion, respectively.

The expansion wasn’t limited to a particular cryptocurrency product that provided investors with exposure to BTC, ETH, and cryptocurrency baskets all witnessed considerable growth. Notably, AUM for securities offering ETH exposure increased by 4.6 percent to $11.6 billion, while AUM for goods offering BTC exposure increased by 1.7 percent to $31.2 billion.

According to the data, average per week net inflows have reversed a downward trend that began after reaching an all-time high in October. It goes on to say that net inflows into cryptocurrency investment products have remained steady since the third week of January, with weekly inflows hitting levels not seen from the first week of December, when they totaled $184.1 million.

Vikas Jha
Vikas Jha
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