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Clearpool gets a clean chit from CertiK and

Clearpool, the leading decentralised platform for capital markets that enables uncollateralized liquidity borrowing, has finally issued its final audit reports, which have been authorised by two of the leading auditors, CertiK and

According to the reports, these two external security auditors were contacted to audit and analyse the infrastructure of the Security Protocol that Clearpool has been planning to put on its platform to protect the assets of its users.

Clearpool has always emphasised the safety and security of its customers’ finances, and has also enabled millions of dollars to ensure the project’s success and trust. Getting a clean bill of health from two of the industry’s top auditors is a huge step forward for the project’s success.

CertiK is a well-known security auditor in the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, receiving audit permission from them says volumes about the project’s credibility. CertiK investigated the project’s infrastructure before approving the final audit report of Clearpool’s mainnet security protocol and decided that there were no serious concerns in the project other than some minor issues that have been referred to the development team for rectification.

The second auditor also extensively examined the final reports submitted by Clearpool; there is little chance of errors. completed three rounds of detailed audits before the mainnet launch of Clearpool, and no serious flaws were identified on the Testnet. The development team officially rectified the existing informational concerns prior to the mainnet launch.

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Jeewan Singh
Jeewan Singh
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