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Energy Ledger CEO launches a decentralised ERP solution with his team

According to Energy Ledger CEO William Pete, his team has built a decentralised ERP solution that combines blockchain into logistics.

ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions may be rather costly, particularly for smaller businesses. While ERP behemoths like SAP experiment with blockchain-based solutions, a very small company is now aiming to create an alternative that performs comparable services via decentralised applications (DApps). 

In 2020, WTI oil prices fell to negative rates owing to faults in how goods transactions are completed,” Pete says.

Blockchain tokens may be used to validate the accuracy of public data. This gives all information credibility and allows teams to be held accountable for any product loss in the supply chain. Pete also says that a blockchain-based solution to SAP supply chain monitoring may save expenses by 99%.

While many people dispute the usefulness of carbon offsets, the Energy Ledger team offers a solution for businesses to offset their emissions. They are using nonfungible tokens (NFTs) linked to Rainforest Alliance Certified Carbon Offsets to give a range of carbon offset programmes for oil companies. 

Walmart began developing a blockchain-based procurement monitoring system for suppliers in 2018. With blockchain benefits ready for grabbing, the firm cooperated with IBM to develop a method with end-to-end visibility. At the moment, the system’s adoption has reached even Walmart’s Canadian equivalent.



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