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Bomb Money to peg with BTC after recent growth of BNB Chain

Bomb Money is a Binance-built BNB chain token. It’s pegged to Bitcoin. In other words, the value of Bomb Money fluctuates in response to changes in the value of Bitcoin. Bomb tokens are created and removed using Bomb Money’s unique technology.

Binance adds the benefit of quicker transaction speed to Bomb Money, allowing it to conduct 100 transactions per second compared to Bitcoin’s five transactions per second. Users of bomb tokens can boost their holdings even more by using the auto-compounding vaults. These platforms are similar to regular staking platforms in that they allow users to earn extra tokens by staking. 

Bomb Money may be pegged to desired Bitcoin

If recent indications are correct, there is a good probability that Bomb Money will soon be pegged to the targeted Bitcoin value. The financials for Bomb Money create an amazing picture.

The number of users and transactions has increased in recent days, pushing the total value locked to $10 million, which will be extended by an additional $5 million in the next 48 hours. In terms of growth, Bomb Money has increased 700% in one week. Bomb Money’s commitment is to provide better returns to investors. It acts responsibly to safeguard its interests, regardless of the outcome.

Bomb Money is also anticipated to be pegged to the target value of Bitcoin, which is now 0.0001003 BTC (16:18 IST).

According to the sources, Bomb Money gave tips on keeping the peg as its first goal. At its present value, the team believes it can attract more investors and collaborations. The post went on to say that Bomb Money has offered excellent locations for people to park their prized bomb.

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