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ARK Invest predicts Cryptocurrency may replace the bonds

As per Catherine Wood, the most significant use of blockchain networks, the foundation of self-sovereign' digital money, i.e. Bitcoin

Catherine Wood, the Founder and CEO of ARK Investment Management, LLC (ARK or ARK Invest), recently discussed her thoughts on Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi, and NFTs.

In a public event, she was asked if she is more optimistic about Bitcoin or Ethereum. She responded that it is impossible to compare the two and continued, “We have strong conviction in both.” Wood informed that the most significant use of blockchain networks, the foundation of self-sovereign’ digital money, i.e. Bitcoin. About Ethereum she went on to say that Ethereum emerged in 2021 as the major smart contracting platform

She further mentioned DeFi and NFTs as ARK believes in DeFi and the value of NFTs for numerous use-cases, including gaming contexts. However they do not actively trade NFTs in any of our strategies as of now.

According to a MarketWatch report from 2021, Wood also predicted that Bitcoin will eventually replace bonds. At that time, she said that If we are nearing the end of a 40-year secular decrease in interest rates of bonds, then that asset class has served its purpose. Crypto may be a replacement for bonds.

Earlier during an interview with Bloomberg TV on February 24, 2021, the CEO of ARK Invest also emphasized Bitcoin and stated:

“……We’re back to being bullish on Bitcoin, and we’re glad to see a reasonable correction……We anticipate a lot of uses for Bitcoin, but the most essential one is arguably as a global insurance policy against wealth acquisition……..”

In a conversation with Yahoo Finance in February 2021, Wood stated that ARK Invest really wasn’t surprised by institutional investors’ interest in cryptocurrency.


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