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Alpha Venture DAO will support TiTi Protocol and Fuku platform

TiTi Protocol, a next-generation algorithmic stablecoin platform, and Fuku, an NFT pioneer, have joined the latest round of Alpha Venture DAO’s incubation programme to attain truly innovative milestones. According to the official announcement by Alpha Venture DAO officials, its VC funding programme will support the two new partners from the DeFi and NFTs segments.

TiTi Protocol focuses on decentralised stablecoins, while the Fuku platform combines NFT trading and DeFi operations.

TiTi Protocol

TiUSD, a decentralised multi-asset reserve-backed use-to-earn programmatic stablecoin, is TiTi Protocol’s key product. It overcomes the key flaws of modern centralised stablecoins such as USDT and USDC. It also allows TiUSD holders to be awarded for owning and utilising its stablecoins. Spartan Group, SevenX Ventures, DeFi Alliance, Solidity Venture, and other prominent VCs and angel investors have invested $3.5 million in the initiative. The Spartan Group’s senior partner, Jason Choi, welcomed the next phase of TiTi Protocol expansion.

Fuku platform

Fuku is a cutting-edge NFT marketplace that allows users to exchange NFTs and gain access to DeFi technologies without losing a single application. As a result, NFTs, like ordinary crypto assets, may be smoothly transferred into DeFi protocols. Fuku secured $400,000 in pre-seed investment from leading NFT investors to launch its goods.

Alpha Venture DAO

Along with the introduction of a new incubation programme, Alpha Venture DAO has opened registration for a collaborative hackathon with Terra (LUNA) which is the fastest-growing smart contracts network globally. The registration campaign began on April 12 and will run through May 10, 2022.

Earlier, Alpha Finance Lab was renamed Alpha Ventures DAO in order to establish a new mechanism for investing and expanding early-stage crypto companies.

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