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Yuga Labs’s project Bored app and otherside faces phishing attack

The Discord server of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and otherside Meta have been compromised by phishing on the 4th of June. These two projects are of Yuga Labs.

On 12th May Yuga Labs and Improbable teamed up for the creation of othersideMeta.

Yuga Labs is known for creating the world’s biggest and most profitable NFT projects. Whereas Improbable is a metaverse technology company. 

The attackers reportedly stole tokens valued at around 145 Ethereum ($256,000). It seems that a community manager’s account was hacked. This enabled the hackers to access admin accounts on the server.

Bored Ape Discord is now closed

Hackers then posted a link to a fake website that asked people to link their accounts in order to enjoy an “exclusive offer.” The BAYC Discord has now been closed down. The admins on the OthersideMeta server are advising users to deactivate direct messages.

This is not BAYC’s first Discord hack of the year. In the last three months, the project has been exposed to plenty of phishing assaults, with numerous NFTs stolen as a result.

32 NFTs stolen in a phishing attack

Blockchain security firm PeckShield data revealed that 32 NFTs were taken, including one BAYC token, two Mutant Apes, five Otherdeeds, and one Bored Ape Kennel Club token.

The hack appears to be one of the more devastating in recent history. In previous assaults this year, one to two tokens were lost per attack.

Yuga Labs has yet to provide an official remark on the subject. According to the statistics of Coingecko, BAYC’s minimum price has declined by 2.9% in the last 24 hours.

Bored Ape is the target of several hacks

The project has been the target of various phishing and hacking efforts since its start, as it was given a position as the most important NFT collection.

The social media channels of the project were hacked twice in April. Recently, actor and producer Seth Green got his Bored Ape hijacked. It is unknown whether Yuga, the owner of Bored Ape, has implemented any security measures. The firm is by far the largest participant in the NFT field, owning the most expensive collections.

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