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Withdraw cryptos to get reward

SocialGood is a blockchain project that aspires to revolutionise business as it is known that by developing a donation machine that blends blockchain technology with artificial intelligence in a mobile app. The software is available on Google Play and Apple Store, and customers may get up to 100percent of their purchase back in cryptocurrency if they use it. Keep in mind that there is a USD 10,000 cap per purchase, but you may make as many as you like. The number of users grows in lockstep with the company’s revenues, and the asset’s fundamental value rises. As a result, when customers use the network to buy from their retail partners, they receive a percentage of their purchase cost in SG digital assets absolutely free.

Function of the SocialGood App

According to the Zendesk of SocialGood, a user may obtain free crypto assets (called SocialGood, or SG) by using the app when shopping. When the value of SocialGood rises, users may move SG from their app to a connected cryptocurrency wallet account and earn by selling it on the market. The more individuals who own SocialGood, the higher its price will be; this leveraging of purchasing pressure benefits everyone.


The SocialGood Application is user-friendly and simple to use; it brings the cryptoverse to the typical person who is unfamiliar with crypto assets, cryptos, and the like in a clear manner.

Since its introduction in March 2019, the app has attracted over 1.6 million users. Alibaba, eBay, Lazada, and are members of this ecosystem, which has gained relationships with over 1,860 big organisations worldwide as of May 2020.




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