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Will crypto lose shine? Warning signs by top crypto creators

Billy Markus has provided the first sign of the crypto bear market with his Twitter followers which can be considered as appealing and funny. He is the developer of the most famous memecoin in the cryptocurrency business.

These types of statements regarding a bear market appear in the crypto world practically every time after a significant correction. Investors and long-term traders that incur large losses prefer to rationalise their long-term losses by claiming that their reasoning for bear market is based on the underlying worth of the projects in which they have invested.

Later, the Dogecoin inventor replied to the viral meme with the help of prominent American politician Bernie Sanders. The meme depicts a giant red candle reflecting a significant dip in the market with the slogan “I am once again in for the tech.”

The iconic slogan initially became popular in 2018, after many of the Cryptos lost up to 80% of market value owing to the “bubble bust”.

Tesla will allow dogecoin for payment: Musk

The creator of the most well-known meme token on the market earlier mocked Web3 technology, claiming that “Web3 individuals” are only in the sector to make money without transferring any real item for it.

This important news will change your mind for Dogecoin. Is it a warning or good news?

Recently, he joined Elon Musk in criticising the newly emerging technology. He criticized emphasizing its lack of usefulness and efficiency in the present internet era.

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