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Who is a good investor? Men or Women

When it comes to crypto investing, gender is connected with both psychological and demographic characteristics, according to recent academic study.

A new study has given insight on the differences between men and women in various aspects of bitcoin exchanges and investment. It suggests that 60 percent of women have quite limited or no knowledge about cryptos. Similarly, 67 percent of men have a knowledge from ok ok type to good level. This is a critical factor which affects investments. The study also discovered that males follow their investments more regularly than women. Hence men do not avoid taking additional risks as a result of their greater overall knowledge.

Lower income and a lack of awareness about cryptocurrency are two major factors driving women’s inclination to know about various investment instruments.

The study was published in the Journal of Business, Economics, and Finance on December 24. It argues that gender influences individuals’ financial investing decisions.  This was a computer-aided survey done in Turkey to uncover gender-related behavioural and psychological variations in crypto.

One of the researchers of this study named Şenkardeş noted that there is hope. There are activist platforms all around the world working to expand women’s participation in the cryptocurrency business, both for traders and developers.

As Keira Wright of Cointelegraph pointed out, present figures require significant improvement in order to reach a level playing field.

According to a CNBC poll, women are even less than half as likely as men to invest in cryptocurrencies, with 16 percent of males investing compared to 7 percent of women.

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