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War hit Ukraine launches “WORLD” named coin to eligible users

According to a release of blockchain addresses on Twitter, Ukraine has begun to airdrop the named WORLD coins to eligible users. Tokens will be distributed to cryptos who contributed to a Ukrainian military cause. Those who gave cryptocurrencies to a charity seeking to improve the lives of those harmed by Russia’s aggression in Ukraine would get WORLD.



Ukraine announced the airdrop of tokens on March 2, after receiving USD 33 million in different cryptocurrencies from international contributors. Within hours of the airdrop announcement, more than USD 7 million in contributions had been raised.

The airdrop began on Thursday, just after news of Ukraine was seeding Uniswap liquidity pools with PEACE tokens. A Uniswap pool has already been set up. Trading and front-running user orders have also begun using automated bots.

Ukraine has been tight-lipped about the airdrop’s specifics, such as what tokens contributors would earn and in what quantities. As crypto users sought to game the airdrop, the mere mention of it generated a flood of microdonations on the Ethereum blockchain.



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