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Venezuela Bans Crypto Mining To Protect Power Grid

The Venezuelan government, specifically the Ministry of Electric Power, has announced a significant policy change affecting cryptocurrency mining operations across the nation.

The Venezuelan government has decided to disconnect cryptocurrency mining farms from the national electrical grid. This decision is part of broader efforts to regulate excessive energy consumption and ensure a stable power supply for the general population. The move follows the recent confiscation of 2,000 cryptocurrency mining devices in Maracay as part of an anti-corruption initiative.

This policy announcement was made recently, though it reflects a series of measures that have been implemented since at least 2019 when Venezuela began experiencing severe power shortages and instability in its national electricity supply.

The policy will be applied nationwide, with specific actions already taking place in cities like Maracay, where mining devices were seized. The Venezuelan government has historically targeted various regions for similar shutdowns as part of its regulatory measures.

The Venezuelan Ministry of Electric Power plans to sever the power supply to crypto mining farms, which are known for their high energy consumption. This step is intended to alleviate the burden on the national grid, which has been under strain due to various factors, including economic sanctions and infrastructure challenges. The government has also encouraged the public to report any illegal mining operations, indicating a community-involved approach to enforcing these new regulations.

Venezuela has faced ongoing electricity shortages that have exacerbated economic and social challenges. Cryptocurrency mining, while a significant economic activity due to the country’s subsidized electricity rates, has been implicated in contributing to these power issues. Other countries, like China and Kazakhstan, have also taken steps to curb the energy consumption of crypto mining due to similar concerns. This move by the Venezuelan government is part of a larger strategy to stabilize the national power supply and address corruption linked to unauthorized economic activities.



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