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US Space Force Urges Investigation into Bitcoin for Cybersecurity Defense

In a recent development, Jason Lowery, a member of the United States Space Force, has called for a formal investigation into the use of proof-of-work (PoW) networks, particularly Bitcoin, to bolster the nation’s cybersecurity defenses. Lowery submitted a detailed four-page letter to the U.S. Defense Innovation Board on December 2, emphasizing the broader strategic significance of Bitcoin beyond its conventional role as a monetary system.

Highlighting that Bitcoin can be utilized to secure all forms of data, messages, or command signals, Lowery stressed the misconception surrounding the technology’s potential in the realm of cybersecurity. The Defense Innovation Board, an independent advisory board aimed at incorporating Silicon Valley’s technological innovation into the U.S. Military, has been urged by Lowery to advise the Secretary of Defense on investigating the “national strategic importance” of PoW systems like Bitcoin.

Lowery argued that a PoW system, such as Bitcoin, could act as a deterrent against cyberattacks due to the substantial costs associated with resource-intensive computers. He drew parallels between proof-of-work and traditional physical security strategies employed in land, sea, air, and space domains, asserting that Bitcoin could play a crucial role in safeguarding the country’s digital assets.

According to Lowery, embracing Bitcoin’s potential in cybersecurity is imperative for the U.S. to maintain its position as a global superpower in an increasingly digital and interconnected world plagued by security vulnerabilities. He envisioned Bitcoin as the catalyst for a “cybersecurity revolution,” transforming the global electric power grid into a formidable defense mechanism against malicious actors.

Moreover, Lowery expressed concern that the U.S. Department of Defense might have lost valuable time by not incorporating Bitcoin into its cybersecurity arsenal sooner. The national defense fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) previously proposed a cybersecurity tool based on the Bitcoin blockchain in March.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong echoed similar sentiments in a separate thread, asserting that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies could play a crucial role in helping the United States maintain its dominance with the U.S. dollar. Armstrong suggested that cryptocurrencies could serve as a check and balance, complementing the dollar and providing an alternative in the event of a U.S. dollar downfall.



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