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US Secret Service launches “crypto awareness centre”

The US Secret Service has launched a bitcoin awareness site featuring a goofy public service announcement video. The main agenda of the website is to make crypto users more aware regarding the ongoing crypto regulations. The video is about “illicit use of digital assets as well as boosting public awareness about digital asset protection and how to keep them safe.”

“Secret Service: Safeguarding the next generation currency”, Source: U.S. Secret Service Youtube

According to Jeremy Sheridan, Assistant Director of the US Secret Service Office of Investigations, the centre focuses on “investigating financial crimes.” Its goal is to “detect, arrest, and punish people involved in digital asset crimes.” Nonetheless, it’s important to emphasise that the terminology and tone employed in the context of Bitcoin are positive.

According to the launch website, “Digital and cryptocurrencies keep becoming more and more popular forms of payment.” This emphasises the need for the Secret Service to stay on top of its game.

The bitcoin awareness site was launched two years after the Secret Service established the Finance-Related Cybercrime Task Force. The initial iteration of cryptocurrency-related activities expressed worry about the potential for cryptocurrencies to be used to conduct unlawful internet transactions.

However, the Secret Service conceded in 2022 that:

“By definition, investments and transactions involving cryptocurrencies and digital assets are not illegal.”


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