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Uniswap Launches Android Wallet App with Built-in Swap Feature

Uniswap Labs has officially unveiled its Android mobile wallet app, complete with built-in swap functionality, now available for download on the Google Play store. This release follows the closed beta launch on October 12, marking the first time the Android version is accessible to the general public; the iOS counterpart was introduced in April.

The new app empowers users to execute swaps directly through the decentralized exchange (DEX) housed within the application, eliminating the need for a separate web browser extension. Callil Capuozzo, Vice President of Design at Uniswap Labs, shared with Cointelegraph that the app’s wallet address display underwent a strategic relocation based on user feedback, enhancing ease of use for address copying and pasting.

Uniswap, governed by the Uniswap decentralized autonomous organization (UniswapDAO), presently secures over $3 billion in cryptocurrency within its contracts. Capuozzo noted the addition of language support, catering to a global user base with options in English, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, French, and both traditional and simplified Chinese. Furthermore, the app includes a feature allowing users to view their crypto holdings in their local currency.

This Android app release responds to strong user demand, with Capuozzo highlighting the persistent inquiries on social media platforms like Twitter: “We’ve been hearing from Twitter replies and our community — they’re always asking ‘When Android? When Android?’” Uniswap Labs encourages users to provide ongoing feedback and improvement suggestions, signaling a commitment to refining the user experience based on the community’s evolving needs. As Uniswap continues to be a significant player in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, this mobile app expansion reinforces its commitment to accessibility and user-friendly interfaces for crypto enthusiasts globally.



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