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Tom Brady is set to give away FTX’s Bitcoin to rug-pulling fan

Tom Brady has asked the FTX cryptocurrency exchange to donate Bitcoin to any charity selected by the unlucky buyer of Brady’s “last” touchdown ball. After Brady’s comeback, the purchase’s poor timing became a big subject in the media. The ball was purchased for $518,628 just before it became effectively useless. On March 13, just weeks after declaring his retirement, one of the most famous names in American football unexpectedly unretired.

After joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020, Brady will enter his 23rd season with the team. His U-turn became a significant news story, with many people guessing what might have prompted him to alter his mind. Brady did not elaborate on why he decided to return to professional football after ending his illustrious 22-year career a little over a month ago.

Some joked that Brady’s cryptocurrency dreams didn’t pan out as planned due to the dismal performance of Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies.

The renowned player stated after announcing his retirement that he wants to focus more on crypto and non-fungible assets. In August 2021, Brady founded Autograph, his own NFT company. Last June, he also purchased a share in the FTX exchange. Brady’s recent actions indicate that he is still interested in cryptocurrency. On Twitter, the famous quarterback is wearing “laser eyes” to demonstrate his high degree of conviction.

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Kunal Krishan
Kunal Krishan
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