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Taiwan Mobile Co. Ltd. Enters Cryptocurrency Market as a Registered VASP

Taiwan Mobile Co. Ltd., a leading telecom operator in Taiwan, has officially ventured into the cryptocurrency market by registering as a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP). On July 5, the company, operating under Fu Sheng Digital Co. Ltd., became the 26th entity to receive a VASP certificate from Taiwan’s Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC).

This certification not only signifies Taiwan Mobile’s commitment to adhering to anti-money laundering (AML) laws but also marks its compliance with the stringent regulations set forth by the FSC. The move underscores the company’s dedication to maintaining high standards of regulatory compliance while entering the digital asset space.

The entry of Taiwan Mobile into the VASP Association is expected to provide a significant boost to the industry. The association, which comprises startups and now includes a major corporation like Taiwan Mobile, is poised to benefit from the extensive resources and expertise that the telecom giant brings. According to Zheng Guangtai, Chairman of the VASP Association, there is a positive outlook within the industry regarding these developments.

The 26 VASP-certified members, including Taiwan Mobile, are anticipated to collaborate closely with Taiwanese authorities to establish a self-regulatory framework aimed at promoting FinTech in Taiwan. This framework is intended to enhance the integrity and growth of the cryptocurrency market in the region.

The Taiwanese government’s support for compliant operators like Taiwan Mobile indicates a growing interest in digital currencies and financial technologies. This support is further evidenced by the regulatory framework that encourages more companies to explore and venture into the digital asset sector.

Taiwan Mobile’s strategic move into the cryptocurrency market aligns with a broader trend of traditional companies recognizing the potential and importance of digital assets. As one of Taiwan’s major corporations, its involvement in the VASP Association is expected to drive innovation and foster a more robust and regulated crypto ecosystem in Taiwan.

This development reflects a significant step forward in the integration of traditional financial services with emerging digital asset technologies, setting a precedent for other major corporations to follow. The collaboration between VASP members and the Taiwanese government will likly pave the way for a more secure and regulated cryptocurrency market in the region.



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