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Sushi announces the Polygon release of Trident DEX

Sushi has begun the rollout of Trident, its new automated market maker. The Sushi team revealed in a blog post on March 16 that a beta version of its long-awaited AMM had been launched on Polygon.

Trident is marketed as a production framework for developing and deploying AMMs. Rather than only monitoring liquidity pools, Trident allows users to create their own, similar to competitor decentralised exchange Uniswap. Users who are currently providing liquidity to a V1 pool on Polygon may now move their holdings to Trident.

Trident also intends to simplify the creation of liquidity pools via its new IPool interface, which it refers to as the “crux” of the Trident production system.

Trident was revealed in July 2021, but its release has been delayed multiple times due to internal strife within the Sushi development team. The new protocol seeks to recreate and integrate some of the most successful DeFi apps published on Ethereum into a single platform.

Trident’s Polygon beta launch does not yet include all of the enhancements promised when the project was announced last year. Sushi has also said that, in addition to the expected additional pools, users will be able to design and deploy their own pool types on Trident, as long as they pass an audit and an internal review.

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Jeewan Singh
Jeewan Singh
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