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Stronghold Digital Mining (SDIG) moves toward clean energy to make crypto mining eco-friendly

Stronghold Digital Mining (SDIG) is converting hazardous waste from coal mining into clean energy to fuel Bitcoin miners in an effort to make crypto mining more ecologically friendly.

Stronghold Digital Mining and eco-friendly crypto mining

SDIG, a crypto mining business based in Pennsylvania, is converting trash from ancient power plants into electricity to run many Bitcoin mining units.

The firm gathers coal refuse, a byproduct of the coal mining process, and burns it in an emissions-controlled atmosphere at its power plants.

Pennsylvania is the country’s third-largest coal producer, with 881 pounds of waste every 2,200 pounds produced, or 400 kilos per tonne, according to estimates. Pennsylvania alone contains nearly 220 million tonnes of hazardous waste, according to Stronghold.

Bitcoin and other proof-of-work cryptos have lately attracted the attention of authorities since they rely on energy-intensive procedures to mine and provide network validation.

The New York State Assembly passed a measure earlier this month to stop proof-of-work mining that employs fossil fuels, citing the method’ detrimental environmental effect. If enacted, proof-of-work mining in New York might be prohibited for up to three years.

Other schemes have looked for methods to make Bitcoin mining more eco-friendly. ConocoPhillips, an oil drilling firm, launched a scheme in North Dakota earlier this month to sell natural gas byproducts to Bitcoin miners instead of burning them.

Argo Blockchain, a cryptocurrency mining firm situated in the United Kingdom, stated that its operations have turned “climate positive” in terms of greenhouse gas emissions.

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