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Starpunk teams up with Space Marvel on gamefi initiatives

Starpunk, the leading DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation) platform, has confirmed its next collaboration with Space Marvel, another gaming tycoon for future gamefi initiatives. While Starpunk is a DAO platform connecting blockchain and non-traditional gaming startups with worldwide crypto stockholders and players, Space Marvel is a blockchain-based gamefi project.

Starpunk and Space Marvel collaboration for future gamefi initiatives

The collaboration is to transform future gamefi initiatives by promoting a robust blockchain gaming ecosystem for both gamers and developers. The partnering with Space Marvel will aid Starpunk in the creation of a decentralised gaming platform. It will assist the development of upcoming gamefi projects with quick and trustless transactions as well as greater economic alignment. Starpunk will assist new games and future gamefi projects in launching an in-game NFT platform on many blockchain networks.

Finding solutions to existing gamefi problems

This new initiative attempts to modernise gamefi projects by providing them a new platform. The developers are also attempting to identify the existing problems of the current gamefi projects. Poor gameplay architecture, a single support chain, restricted game interactivity, and runaway inflation are just a few of the issues that need to be addressed right away.

Starpunk and Space Marvel

All Starpunk projects were formerly run on the BSC network and Solana, but the gamefi projects will now be deployed on three main blockchain networks, notably BSC, Avalanche, as well as Solana. Space Marvel is a blockchain game set in outer space, where the heroes have powerful spiritual abilities while still having very well advanced technology. Users may make real money while travelling around space, conquering planets, and creating their own virtual universes by collecting NFT tokens.

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