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Sony Gears Up to Launch S.BLOX Crypto Exchange

Sony aims to restart a cryptocurrency trading platform acquired in August 2023. This move involves rebranding and renewing the services of S.BLOX, formerly known as Amber Japan, which was initially the crypto exchange DeCurret before being renamed after its acquisition by the Japanese subsidiary of Singapore’s Amber Group in 2022.

Sony acquired S.BLOX last year and is gearing up to launch its digital asset trading services soon. The preparation includes a name change and the release of an improved version of the business earlier this year, with further enhancements on the way. Where: The activities are centered in Japan, where S.BLOX operates as a subsidiary of Sony.

Sony’s foray into the cryptocurrency market represents a significant step in diversifying its business portfolio and leveraging its technological expertise. By launching a crypto exchange, Sony aims to create new added value in cryptocurrency trading services through collaboration with its diverse business units.

Sony, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Quetta Web, acquired S.BLOX and is now focused on revamping the platform’s services. The renewal will feature a new app and a redesigned user interface to enhance user experience. S.BLOX plans to expand its support for more cryptocurrencies and additional functions. The company intends to collaborate with Sony’s various businesses to innovate and add value to its crypto trading services. Additional

The restarting of S.BLOX’s crypto trading services marks Sony’s comprehensive entry into the crypto space. Previously, Sony Network Communications, a wholly-owned subsidiary, invested $3.5 million in Singapore’s Web3 tech giant Startale Labs. Startale Labs’ founder and CEO, Sota Watanabe, disclosed that the company’s external director would lead Sony’s crypto exchange. This plan, in development for roughly 18 months, has now entered the execution phase.



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