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Rootstock will be demonstrating its carnival NFTs at the Bitcoin 2022 Conference

Rootstock is all set to showcase its NFT collection.

At the Miami’s Bitcoin 2022 conference, Rootstock (RSK), a smart contracts platform based on Bitcoin (BTC), will demonstrate its NFT-centric prospects. A total of 35,000 people will be able to witness the emergence of the ground-breaking NFT collection on Bitcoin (BTC).

According to an official release made by the Rootstock (RSK) team, the company is preparing to join the list of notable speakers at Bitcoin 2022, a renowned crypto conference that begins on April 6 in Miami. The platform will debut its Carnival NFT collection, the first mainstream collection of non-fungible tokens built on top of Bitcoin (BTC).
Aside from that, attendees of Bitcoin 2022 will be presented with all top-tier DeFi protocols on Bitcoin’s RSK between April 6 and April 9. Money on Chain, Sovryn, Babelfish, Liquality, and Bulla Network will all show off their most recent achievements. Diego Zaldivar, RSK co-founder and CEO of IOVlabs, believes that such a portrayal of the Bitcoin (BTC) DeFi ecosystem marks a turning point in the history of the world’s largest blockchain.

He further elaborated:

“We’ve seen DeFi’s popularity skyrocket in the previous two years. On top of the main blockchain networks, new monetary systems (stablecoins) and speculative financial tools (trading engines and AMMs) have been constructed, but they mainly serve the demands of speculators. The issue now is to link these new decentralised Fintech systems to the rest of society’s demands. That is the difficulty we face at IOVLabs, and it is why we built Rootstock and RIF to help people build everyday DeFi.”

The RIF Marketplace engine, a premier plug-and-play solution for constructing marketplaces on Bitcoin-based platforms, makes its debut with Carnival. Rootstock (RSK) is a one-stop shop for decentralised Bitcoin apps (BTC). It allows customers to secure operations with 60% of the aggregated Bitcoin (BTC) hashrate thanks to a merged mining algorithm. RSK’s creators recently released the RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF), an ecosystem of SDK frameworks for developing dApps on the Bitcoin blockchain (BTC).

Let us see the response Rootstock’s NFTs get at this conference.

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