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Revolut CEO Storonsky clarifies his stance on war between Ukraine and Russia

Revolut CEO Stronsky clears his stance on the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Revolut CEO published his letter on March 1 in which he states that “I might want to clarify, freely, what I’ve felt secretly from the very first moment: war is never the response”. He portrayed the conflict as “wrong and totally hated it,” and wanted a quick end to the war.

In his letter, Storonsky said that Revolut clients had given more than £1 million to Red Cross Ukraine in only  24 hours – and swore that the startup would match each pound, euro, złoty, or franc given throughout the following 7 days, up to £1.5 million. It is the initial occasion when Storonsky – a rich businessman who was born in Russia and also holds British citizenship, whose father is Ukrainian – has explained his position about the war. 

Revolut’s other prime supporter and CTO Vlad Yatsenko, who is Ukrainian, had recently criticised the activities of Russian president Vladimir Putin after he requested his powers to attack Ukraine on February 24. Revolut itself had likewise made a move by assisting clients by giving funds in Ukraine through its app.

Vikas Jha
Vikas Jha
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