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Reef aims to create NFT friendly blockchain, interacts with graffiti and electronic artists

Reef, a layer 1 Substrate-based blockchain for DeFi, NFTs, and gaming, announced today the establishment of a new NFT division aimed at interacting with graffiti and electronic artists while also scaling up its blockchain to make it more NFT-friendly.

Reef has been quietly working behind the scenes for the past two months to get its contribution to the NFT landscape off the ground. They’ve brought on Philip Galaviz, a well-known personality in Denver’s music and art scene, as Head of NFT. Philip has collaborated with Digitally Imported Radio, Global Dance, and a number of electronic music artists, and is currently developing an IRL cultural arts and music programme. Philip will lead Reef’s business development and expand the company’s capabilities to a wide range of artists, starting with electronic and graffiti artists and record cover designers, as Head of NFT.

With a packed beginners workshop, metawall, NFT contest, and introductions to graffiti artists like TukeOne, Mike Graves, and Emit One DF, Philip and the Reef team pushed the first stage of their NFT wave at ETHDenver. Furthermore, Reef recently announced its first round of grant recipients, with three NFT development projects receiving a portion of $210,500 in funding. Kanaloa, Dimension 11 Studios, and Oyster are among the companies that will develop  marketplaces and other NFT dApps on Reef.

Reef has made significant progress in updating their blockchain in the previous two weeks. ReefScan V2 was released, as well as a $REEF Community Staking Bond. Members of the Denko and Reef teams will also be in Dubai at the end of the month for Finance Blockchain Week.

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