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Proof of Africa collaborates with Flickto to permit Web 3.0

Flickto and Proof of Africa (PoA) joined hands to bring Web 3.0 to Africa. With the development of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in recent years, services have been made available to neglected communities and cultures all over the world. This cutting-edge technology enables decentralised cross-collaboration, opening doors for those who are often overlooked. Cardano has started working to give possibilities for African women to get the skills they need to succeed in such a competitive and challenging field.

Flickto has collaborated with Proof of Africa, following in the footsteps of Cardano pioneer Charles Hoskinson. PoA tries to seek outstanding individuals and offer them with the knowledge and guidance they need to achieve at a high level when it comes to blockchain development. They want to provide these people with direction and training in this field so that they may deliver high-level work and help to startups, businesses, and projects all over the world. Those who take part in this unique initiative will receive mentoring that will help them bridge the developer skill gap that exists in Africa today.

Flickto and PoA will transfer value in every way during the course of their long-term relationship. PoA can help with the technical aspects of the Flickto project, Flickto can help PoA with useful advising as well as fantastic marketing and business advice.

Notably, Flickto will make the $FLICK token available to the PoA stake pool. Those who invest in the PoA pool will be entitled to obtain esteemed $FLICK tokens as a result of this campaign.



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