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Professional photographer makes USD 109K selling NFTs

A struggling Chicago-based photographer sold non-fungible tokens (NFTs) last year worth USD 109,000 and more. 

According to a report on CNBC’s “Make it,” 36-year-old photographer Brittany Pierre was having trouble paying rent and buying groceries before resorting to NFTs to sell her work. Pierre told CNBC that her financial position was “touch and go,” and she was “very miserable” since she was living paycheck to paycheck.

Pierre first learnt about NFTs in March 2021, when her friend and fellow artist Elise Swopes sold an NFT of one of her paintings for USD 17,600. Pierre was encouraged to study everything she could about NFTs by doing a “deep dive” on Google and YouTube. She was able to sell her first NFT a month later, which led to a steady stream of sales of her other works (for hundreds of dollars each). These early purchases reportedly occurred when a well-known NFT collector noticed her art on Twitter.

“Last year was the first year that I was able to live absolutely abundantly, more with my heart than I’ve ever been able to…,” she told CNBC. I’ve never worked for more than USD 15 an hour and made just over USD 100,000 last year.”


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