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Paradigm Raises $850 Million for New Crypto Venture Fund

Paradigm, a prominent crypto venture capital firm, co-founded by Matt Huang and Fred Ehrsam. Paradigm has announced the launch of its third fund, raising $850 million to invest in early-stage crypto projects. The announcement was made recently, with no specific date provided for the start of the fund’s investment activities.

Paradigm operates globally, investing in crypto projects and companies that align with its investment criteria, which includes multi-chain infrastructure, decentralized exchanges like Uniswap, crypto games, social apps, and more.

Paradigm’s new fund will continue the firm’s tradition of investing in innovative and potentially transformative crypto and blockchain ventures. The fund was announced amid a changing global landscape for crypto regulation, including significant legislative developments in the United States and Europe. Paradigm has also expanded its engagement in crypto policy by appointing Alex Grieve, a Washington veteran, as its government affairs lead to navigate this evolving regulatory environment.

Founded in 2018, Paradigm was established with the vision that cryptocurrency would lead some of the most critical technical and economic shifts in the coming decades. The firm has been actively supporting this vision by investing in various crypto initiatives. Paradigm has been involved in notable investments, including the seed round for Uniswap and leading funding rounds for other significant projects like Flashbots and Succinct. Despite past controversies, such as the substantial investment in FTX before its collapse, Paradigm continues to play a significant role in shaping the crypto investment landscape. The launch of this new fund signifies Paradigm’s ongoing commitment to fostering innovation in the crypto sector, amidst a backdrop of increasing political and regulatory attention on cryptocurrencies globally.



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