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Data breach: OpenSea reports email data breach via employee

OpenSea, an NFT marketplace, experienced a data breach as a result of a employee who disclosed user information.

OpenSea disclosed that there had been a data breach on the site in a blog post on June 29. OpenSea revealed that its email delivery provider,, recently informed them that one of their employees improperly exploited employee access to download and distribute email addresses that were provided by OpenSea users and newsletter subscribers to an unauthorised third party. Sharing the screenshot on its official Twitter handle on June 30, OpenSea stated: 

“You should presume that you were impacted if you previously provided your email with OpenSea. We have notified law enforcement about this occurrence and are assisting in their current investigation. “

According to the blog post, the information that was exposed included email addresses, and OpenSea advised users that this could lead to “a heightened possibility for email phishing attempts.” OpenSea also emailed consumers to alert them of the vulnerability and issued a few safety recommendations to customers so that they can protect themselves from the data breach.

OpenSea remarked that “your safety and trust are our top priorities. We wanted to give you the information we currently have and let you know that we have informed law enforcement about the event and are assisting them with their investigation.”

Even before this security breach, the amount of NFT traded on OpenSea has dropped as a result of an increase in fraud, theft, and hacking. To address critical issues with trust and safety on OpenSea, it announced the introduction of a new feature on June 14 in order to make buying and selling crypto assets more transparent and secure.

With the new feature, suspicious NFT transfers will automatically be hidden from visibility on the NFT marketplace. In actuality, an open and adaptable blockchain environment, like Ethereum, leads to unforeseen NFT transactions from unidentified parties. These NFT transfers are used by con artists to entice victims to view an NFT list that contains links to nefarious websites operated by third parties.

OpenSea continues to ask users for help in keeping the community safe by reporting any suspicious activity.

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