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NFT Platform “OneOF” signs bond with Warner Music Group (WMG)

The collaboration will enable NFT releases from various artists in the WMG music catalog.

NFT Platform OneOf has announced a partnership with Warner Music Group (WMG) to develop its own NFT for major American document labels. The NFT platform was launched in September. Specialized on songs created on the Tezos blockchain — Leverage Energy Green Minting. 

According to the announcement, OneOf, a green NFT platform funded by Quincy Jones, will launch a series of the song as a unique NFT from WMG’s legendary catalog. Earlier this month, WMG also partnered with BlockParty, a virtual collector platform. Together, they leverage a collection of devices to grow their own verifiable , uniquely linked NFTs, in addition to distributed exchanges (DEX) that facilitate NFT swaps.

Document Label signed a strategic partnership to create the first international song at The Sandbox Gaming Metaverse. This collaboration opens the door for WMG in The Sandbox. It enabled them to participate in innovative experiences that conquer the WMG LAND region.

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