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NFT holders can now travel to space thanks to The Crypto Space Agency

The Crypto Space Agency plans to combine Web3 blockchain and space technology to liberalise space exploration.

The Crypto Space Agency (CSA) plans to merge space exploration with Web3 technology in order to enable mankind to get off the planet faster. CSA has revealed the steps it will take to get there will begin with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). On Monday, April 25, the project launched its Gen-1 NFT Membership drop, giving token holders the unique option to become “Cryptonaunts” on upcoming space trips.

In a tweet sent Monday, Blue Origin, as the CSA’s space launch provider, confirmed a seat on an upcoming New Shepard mission.

NFT Membership for Generation 1

NFT membership is the first step in joining the CSA on this journey. On Monday, April 25, the NFT drop went live, with 5,555 NFTs available for 0.25 ETH (roughly $752.15 at 10:40 am IST). Token holders have first dibs on upcoming NFT releases and items, including artwork.

Three NFT holders will be chosen at random this week for Blue Origin vetting, which will include training and a fit-to-fly assessment, and one will be chosen for the space journey. Moonpay, a payment service, offers the NFTs for purchase, with the option of purchasing in fiat or crypto through MetaMask. In the near future, CSA intends to offer more space flights to token holders.

Crypto Space Age

According to CSA founder Sam Hutchison, the CSA team is made up of aeronautic engineering experts interested in seeing how Web3 and space aeronautics might work together to create something greater than the sum of their parts. CSA is taking blockchain one step further in what they call the new “Crypto Space Age,” just as blockchain is liberalising banking. He noted that the space and crypto industries have a lot in common, especially when it comes to promoting innovation for the greater good. By integrating the two, the CSA hopes to establish a framework for independent space activities.

According to Hutchison, CSA plans to change things up by focusing on egalitarian space initiatives that benefit the entire world. He remarked:

“We’re looking to identify deep synergies between existing and emerging space technologies and the power of the blockchain. Our focus is on space projects with near and long-term benefits to Web3, whether in communications technologies, human space exploration, off world resources, and much more.”

The initiative will look into new techniques for hunting for extraterrestrial life, asteroid defence, and growing market demand for human spaceflight. The goal of the project is to look at how Web3 technology can be used to exploit off-world resources in the long run.

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