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New meme coin PEPE dominates NFT markets

PEPE, the newest popular meme currency, due to its hype has already dominated numerous cryptocurrencies. However, the Non-fungible Token (NFT) industry is presently experiencing the Pepe Coin mania.

In the midst of the frenzy surrounding Bitcoin Ordinals, a newly released NFT with a pepe theme called Bitcoin Frogs has grabbed the market by storm.

According to the information based on the number of transactions over the previous 24 hours, Bitcoin Frogs, a Bitcoin NFT series, has surpassed Bored Ape Yacht Club as the highest-grossing NFT series. With almost 700 deals, the NFT collection with the Pepe coin design has earned over $2,000,000 in transaction volume.

Sales for Bitcoin Frogs increased by 179% throughout recent hours to remain at $2.25 million. The number of transactions increased by over 70 percent. Meanwhile, BAYC sales decreased by almost 46% to about $1.15 million. Additionally, its transaction volume fell by 56%.

According to the information, traders are paying fees that vary from $50 to $1,200. The 10,000 pure digital valuables that make up the popular NFTs are described as existing only on Bitcoin forever.

The PEPE frenzy came to an end last week when its price began to fall. The cost of pepe decreased by around 3% during the previous week. However, in the past 30 days, Its price has increased by a staggering 2000%. At the time of publication, PEPE is trading at an average price of $0.0000015.




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