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‘Multidimensional’ Ethereum fee structure: Vitalik Buterin

In order to enhance the current fee format for the network, Vitalik has come up with the “Multidimensional EIP-1559”.

He went on to say that the EVM has various restrictions for short-term “burst” capacity versus “continuous” capacity, mentioning block data storage, witness data storage, and block state size changes as examples.

Buterin described his complex recommended adjustments with a lot of technical arithmetic, but in a nutshell, the plan offered two viable solutions based on “multidimensional” pricing.

The first approach would divide the base price for each unit of resource by the overall base fee to get the gas cost for resources like call data and storage. The EIP-1559 algorithm includes a fixed-per-block network fee as part of the base price.

The second, more complicated solution establishes a base price for consuming resources while also imposing burst restrictions on each one. There would also be “priority fees,” which would be calculated by increasing the percentage by the base fee.

The disadvantage of the multidimensional fee structure, according to him, is that “block builders would not be able to simply accept transactions in the order of fee-per-gas from high to low.” They’d have to work out how to balance the dimensions and answer more arithmetic problems.

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