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Mike Tyson Becomes Ambassador for Blockchain-Based Boxing Network

April 18, 2024 — Boxing icon Mike Tyson has announced his new role as an ambassador for the blockchain-based social networking application, Ready to Fight (RTF). Positioned as a pioneering platform within the boxing community, RTF is endorsed by Tyson for its potential to revolutionize interactions and operations within the sport.

Mike Tyson, the former heavyweight boxing champion known for becoming the undisputed heavyweight at just 20 years old, is joining forces with RTF. The platform is also led by Ukrainian professional boxer Oleksandr Usyk and has received backing from prominent figures such as World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman.

RTF is designed to assist boxers in managing their careers by providing solutions to common challenges such as finding sparring partners, managers, or building a boxing team. Tyson’s involvement is expected to lend significant credibility and attract more users to the platform, which aims to simplify monetization and streamline business operations for boxers.

Tyson’s collaboration with RTF comes just as the network prepares for a major milestone. The RTF token is scheduled to be listed on four undisclosed cryptocurrency exchanges on April 24, marking a significant step forward in integrating blockchain technology with the boxing ecosystem.

Ready to Fight operates as a global Web3 social network, assisting professional boxers worldwide. While it is based on blockchain technology, its services are accessible to the international boxing community.

The platform addresses various systemic issues in the boxing industry by leveraging technology to enhance connectivity and business efficiency for boxers. Tyson highlighted that RTF is the first boxing social network that directly supports the business needs of boxers and enthusiasts, helping them to easily monetize their skills and manage their professional activities more effectively.

In his statement shared on Instagram, Tyson emphasized that RTF puts users in control of all boxing-related matters, facilitating better business opportunities for the community. The endorsement by Tyson, along with support from figures like Russ Anber and rising star Sky Wee, underscores RTF’s commitment to advancing the sport through innovative technological solutions.

This collaboration between a legendary boxer and a cutting-edge platform exemplifies the potential of technology to transform traditional sports landscapes, offering new opportunities for engagement and professional growth within the boxing community.



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