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MetaENGINE a Web 3 gaming platform hits $4 million in seed investment

With a suite of Web 3 gaming tools, the metaverse publication platform hopes to lure developers.

MetaENGINE, a Web 3 gaming platform, revealed on Friday that it had secured $4 million in seed investment, led by Lemniscap and Jump Crypto. CEO and co-founder Alex Shalash stated that MetaENGINE plans to use the financing to become “the basis of future metaverse experiences.”

The concept is that metaENGINE would be a platform that assists GameFi developers in entering the sector by providing tools for creating gameplay experience in the metaverse.

“GameFi is a method of transferring copyright of games and game resources to players so that they may become potential holders of the IP itself,” Shalash explained. The investment round was attended by Polygon Studios, Insignius Capital, Future Fund, CoinDCX Ventures, Efficient Frontier, and others.

MetaENGINE, according to Shalahs, is constructed on the Polygon Network due to its efficiency and low gas expenses. He stated that the company’s long-term objective is to provide multi-chain solutions across other major networks.

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