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Maurizio Barbieri joins Liberty Gaming as Chief Commercial Officer

In a recent tweet, Liberty Gaming Guild, a next-generation “play-to-earn” guild, announced the appointment of Maurizio Barbieri as its Chief Commercial Officer. The Liberty Gaming Guild seeks to serve as a portal for players, enabling both access to expensive NFTs in the blockchain gaming industry and a learning opportunity for gamers in this new P2E gaming era.

The Liberty Gaming Guild’s main purpose is to lower the barrier to entry into blockchain gaming initiatives by giving all gamers, regardless of their background, similar opportunities. It also plans to play a key role in the adoption of blockchain technology and DeFi by providing training and educational programmes in a variety of blockchain-related fields, including CeFi, Cryptocurrency, and NFTs.

Within the Liberty core team, Maurizio Barbieri, a self-described “big nerd,” has been appointed Chief Commercial Officer. Maurizio intends to provide essential expertise, vision, and an uncompromising commitment to growth, development, and relationship building, having worked for some of the world’s greatest digital and media firms. Maurizio Barbieri’s arrival speaks volumes, given his excellent career in digital media.

Maurizio’s new beginning with Liberty Gaming Guild wants to help them achieve the same level of success as he has. He joins the core crew of the Liberty Gaming Guild to help them decrease the barrier to entry for blockchain-based games like Axie Infinity by lending in-game NFTs to the guild’s dedicated community gamers (‘scholars’). 

Maurizio’s accession ushers in a new era for the Liberty Gaming Guild, as they take yet another huge step toward their objectives.

That’s all new with Liberty Gaming Guild. 


Kunal Krishan
Kunal Krishan
Kunal is an investment space writer who firmly believes investment is something which should not be a choice but a part of everyone's life.


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