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Matrimonial Site Crypto Scam Costs Gurugram Man ₹38L

In a shocking incident from Gurugram, a consulting firm executive fell prey to an elaborate online scam, losing approximately ₹38 lakh to a fraudster he met on a matrimonial site. The victim, identified as Naman Aggarwal, encountered the scammer, who introduced herself as Ridhi Sharma, on in November 2023. Sharma claimed to be a Kolkata native residing in London for the past five years.

The duo’s interaction took a dubious turn when Sharma introduced Aggarwal to a cryptocurrency investment opportunity on a platform named She persuaded him to open a trading account through a link she sent on WhatsApp, where all subsequent communications, including those with the customer care team of the trading platform, were conducted.

Sharma’s initial request was for Aggarwal to invest ₹10 lakh, promising to match the amount in his trading account. However, the situation escalated on December 20 when Aggarwal received a message from the Deuncoin customer care support team. The message alleged that the funds transferred by Sharma were flagged for money laundering and required Aggarwal to deposit an equivalent amount within 24 hours to avoid having his trading account frozen.

Complying with the demand, Aggarwal deposited another ₹10 lakh, but his requests to withdraw funds were met with further demands for money under various pretexts. After transferring a total of ₹38 lakh and facing continuous demands for more, Aggarwal realized he was ensnared in a fraudulent scheme.

Feeling betrayed and financially exploited, Aggarwal approached the authorities, leading to the registration of an FIR at the Cyber Crime East police station. The case, filed under Section 420 (cheating) of the Indian Penal Code, is currently under investigation, with law enforcement officials actively seeking the culprits.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers lurking on online platforms, particularly matrimonial sites, where trust is easily manipulated for nefarious purposes. As the police work to apprehend those responsible, the case highlights the imperative need for individuals to exercise caution and conduct due diligence before engaging in financial transactions with strangers online.



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