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MARBLEX and Kana Labs joins hands to improve WEB-3 space

GameFi behemoth MARBLEX, well-known for its GameFi-focused blockchain ecosystem, collaborated to improve the web-3 space. Apart from this MARBLEX also declared to invest in Kana Labs.

As per the press release, the two companies have been concentrating on various blockchain-related industries but they have one common goal i.e., moving the next billion people from Web2 to Web3.

Since both have the same objective, that pushes them to join hands with one another. The objective can also be the driving force behind MARBLEX’s decision to invest in blockchain all-star Kana Labs, which specialises in the DeFi industry. 

The recent foray into the GameFi market by Kana Labs gave both businesses the ideal chance to cooperate and work on this shared objective.

Kana Labs has something to provide for everyone from all areas, whether it be for end users, like day traders and individuals who are exploring different aspects of cryptocurrencies and decentralised finance, developers building blockchain-related products, or organisations interested in investigating decentralised options.

All of its product offerings in the B2C and B2B markets were created with a single goal in mind: streamlining and demystifying difficult technical processes in DeFi so that anybody can use it.

The distinctive feature of Kana Labs is that it offers its customers a genuine multi-chain, cross-chain encounter by bringing together blockchains with various origins, such as EVM chains, non-EVM chains, chains with various coding languages, and chains with various core architectures.

Kana Labs plan for B2B Businesses

Kana Labs provides smart wallet solutions and a Web3 middleware SDK toolkit for business-to-business transactions. All supported blockchain networks are placed beneath the Web3 middleware, which integrates cross-chain solutions and liquidity accumulation into a single unit. 

With very minor front-end adjustments, this enables both new and current DApps to rapidly deploy across several blockchains, guaranteeing that users receive the best possible prices for all of their transactions as well as greater liquidity and support for a broad variety of tokens. 

The goal of the Kana Labs smart wallet is to streamline the user interface and give consumers a comfortable, Web2-like user interface in the Web3 market.

Kana Labs plan for B2C Businesses

On the B2C side, Kana Labs provides an extensive DeFi ecosystem that addresses many of the crucial factors that a consumer seeks in DeFi offerings. 

The Web3 middleware from Kana Labs is the foundation for its web app, which offers services for swap, staking, and yield generation. This guarantees that all users, new and old, will be in a position to use these services with ease, benefit from the best prices, and have quick transaction times for all of their transactions.

MBX, a MARBLEX-exclusive blockchain environment, is made up of GameFi, a cryptocurrency wallet, DeFi protocol, an NFT market, and the launchpad.



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