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Madonna and digital artist Beeple unveiled NFT project “Mother of Creation”

In March, the pop culture queen surprised her admirers by purchasing an NFT of a tattooed ape from the Bored Ape Yacht Club for 180 ETH, a digital currency worth $560,000 at the time. On Monday, the pop diva and digital artist Beeple released a three-video NFT collaboration illustrating three distinct areas of life inspired by parenting.

Madonna “Mother of Creation”

The image shows a naked, CGI Madonna giving birth. “Mother of Creation” is the name of the project. Each sculpture, according to the project’s website, represents “a different sort of birth in our modern reality.”

Madonna’s avatar is shown resting on a laboratory bed with her legs spread as a tree develops from her in the video “Mother of Nature.”

As leaves and flowers blossom, Madonna reads a new poem she wrote for the project. “My journey through life as a woman is analogous to that of a tree… beginning as a little seed and always pushing against the resistance of the earth.”

Butterfly wings emerge from the “Mother of Evolution,” implying a “symbol of hope.”

This time, the avatar is placed in a post-apocalyptic environment, with Madonna’s symbol reading the lyrics of “Justify My Love” in the background.

The final video, “Mother of Technology,” shows centipede robots crawling out of the singer while she lies in a forest, “illustrating how science may also give birth to light into the world, but only if employed with the proper consciousness.”

From Wednesday to Friday, SuperRare will auction off Madonna and Beeple’s NFTs for charity.

According to Madonna, NFTs are unique blockchain tokens that verify ownership of an asset, in this case a video.

In a conversation with the New York Times, Madonna stated that her initial reluctance to accept digital riches pushed her to study the presence of spirituality and community in the NFT ecosystem.

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