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French fashion brand Lacoste enters Web3 ecosystem with its Underwater NFT collection

The arrival of Lacoste into the NFT industry with its latest launch of the Underwater NFT collection demonstrates the merging of the tech and fashion industries.

On June 14, Lacoste, a French fashion brand, announced the launch of its Underwater NFT line (UNDW3) to mark its entry into the Web3 ecosystem . There are 11,212 NFTs present in the collection, with each piece costing 0.08 Ethereum.


In the tweet on the official account of Lacoste, the fashion brand also attached the short video of Underwater NFT, which is also a 3D representation of the crocodile, the fashion house’s trademark. The artificial, flashing eye of this 3D crocodile moves in and out of calm water on a regular basis. According to the fashion brand, customers will also receive access to vast utilities, in addition to exclusive access to custom-made unique products tied to the Lacoste brand, which will all be revealed in the coming months. In the same Twitter thread, it was mentioned that the NFTs will be available for sale in the NFT marketplaces like OpenSea or LooksRare in the coming months.

However, Lacoste is not the first fashion brand to enter the NFT market. Many fashion brand houses have already jumped on the NFT trend, including Gucci, Balenciaga, and Balmain. The most recent addition to the list is Prada. The Italian luxury brand Prada launched the Ethereum NFTs line on June 2. However, it is one of the few whose commitment to digital collectibles is intended to actually reward customers while also redefining the whole customer interaction strategy.

Lacoste stated via its official Twitter handle on June 14:


Despite the broad enthusiasm for NFTs, more fashion houses, such as Farfetch, are pacing their Web3.0 adoption, beginning with the acceptance of digital currencies as payment for their items. Lacoste’s entry into the NFT sector shows that the tech and fashion industries are merging. Many big fashion brands are becoming more interested in the blockchain, NFT, and metaverse universes.

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