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KurateDAO’s goal is to “curate the world’s knowledge” via the use of “cryptoeconomic games”

KurateDAO announced a $6.85 million seed round sponsored by Polychain Capital, a blockchain investment company, on Tuesday. According to the KurateDAO white paper, the project intends to use “cryptoeconomic games to curate the world’s information.”

In the present model of online databases, one moderator decides what information is published to the database. KurateDAO’s platform offers an infrastructure for content curation, with three roles involved: curators, scouts, and viewers. According to Fischer, the three roles interact to determine what information is added to the database.

Each dataset functions as a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) that is regulated by the KurateDAO’s native token.

KurateDAO, according to Fischer, aims to collaborate with upcoming Web 3 apps and other crowdsourced online information centres, such as music curation and job board sites. It now runs on Ethereum but intends to utilise the $6.85 million fundraising round to recruit developers to create multi-chain solutions.

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Jeewan Singh
Jeewan Singh
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