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Kingdom Game 4.0 and DeFiYield form a partnership

A strategic collaboration has been established between Kingdom Game 4.0 and DeFiYield, As a result of this partnership, both partners want to increase their positions in the market. Kingdom Game 4.0’s strategic partnership with DeFiYield is expected to open up plenty of new financial applications.

DeFiYield and Kingdom Game 4.0 partnership features

As per the information, DeFiYield is excited to work on creating a crypto asset management dashboard and a completely automated smart contract security scanner. The crypto portfolio management dashboard will make DeFi investments more effective and secure. One of the features of Kingdom Game 4.0’s strategic cooperation with DeFiYield is the provision of a launchpad for DeFiYield. ‘KingdomStarted Launchpad,’ a forum for all blockchain projects, will take a step ahead to aid DeFiYield by allowing all levels to purchase the tokens.

Kingdom Game 4.0 will gain access to DeFiYield’s ecosystems in exchange. This contains Kinglive, as well as a slew of other fantastic features. Kinglive is a streaming platform for NFT Gaming that also includes an NFT marketplace.

Both parties have committed to contributing to each other’s marketing initiatives and sharing critical resources such as technology and information. Kingdom Game 4.0 and DeFiYield will collaborate to develop their specific communities and provide enhanced advantages to their members.

While DeFiYield has a global market of over 1 billion potential users and intends to work in areas of making DeFi investments better, Kingdom Game 4.0 serves as a blockchain and non-fungible token (NFT) infrastructure service company.  

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